We have long standing relationships with the major hardware vendors and have access to most hardware required by our clients. We have selected a range of our most popular hardware but can’t possibly list them all. So if there is something you are looking for which isn’t listed, then just send us a note or pick up the phone and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist.

  • Barcode Scanners
    Barcode Scanners (39)

    Barcode scanners are a must-have in the modern grocery store. However, they are also a must-have in numerous other industries and supply chains around the world. They make product indexing and logging a breeze and in so doing, they improve traceability, accountability, and management while reducing human error. ASP Microcomputers stock various types of barcode scanners – Bluetooth scanners, WiFi [WLAN] scanners, Handheld scanners, USB scanners, 2D scanners, and other varieties. Please click below to check out our range and buy now!

  • Mobile Computers
    Mobile Computers (27)

    A mobile computer is really any computing device that is not restricted to a desktop, and is intended to be moved during normal operation. In our context, a mobile computer will generally be tablet- or handheld-size, with a full operating system such as Windows CE or Windows Mobile.

  • Label and Receipt Printers
    Label and Receipt Printers (18)

    ASP supplies a wide range of label and receipt printers, and label stock.

  • Tablets
    Tablets (3)

    We're sure you know what a tablet computer is, but consumer tablet computers are often not suitable for everyday use in a business or factory environment, simply because they're not rugged enough.

  • Time & Attendance
    Time & Attendance (3)

    It doesn't cost much to move over to the benefits of ASP Electronic Time & Attendance. You'll be saving time and frustration for your payroll staff, and you'll have better tracking of your largest business expense.

  • Other Technologies
    Other Technologies (7)

    This category includes virtually everything other than barcode scanning, such as smart cards, magnetic stripes, MICR, OCR, and so on.